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Dixie Kwik Cafe & Market The Dixie Kwik concept is built on the idea that: you should be able to get fresh, scratch-made, home-style food at lunch (and breakfast) – and get it quick. It’s a very simple idea. So,

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We’re in the People Business, People! People are our most important and most crucial asset! This is not just a “saying”. This is our operating tenet! Our moral precept! We depend on people to work in our business. We depend



Ted Duboise, Co-Founder & Managing Partner Ted has been an honest businessman for 42 years. He was self-employed for eight years. He went to work in the restaurant industry in March, 1982 and has spent 34 years in various management

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Jobs at Dixie Kwik

Job Criteria at Dixie Kwik Many of you are already asking when and where you can apply for jobs at  Dixie Kwik™.  Sorry, but we are not there yet. We are working diligently to get the location up and running



Our Partners AT Dixie Kwik, we love to support local business people. We believe that everyone should SHOP LOCAL – BUY LOCAL We treat our vendors as Partners in our business. We need them to supply us with essential goods