Dixie Kwik
Quality. Fresh. Quick.

Dixie Kwik Cafe & Market

The Dixie Kwik concept is built on the idea that: you should be able to get fresh, scratch-made, home-style food at lunch (and breakfast) – and get it quick. It’s a very simple idea.

So, we developed a simple menu that features 3-4 meats and 6-8 vegetables or side items each day. Food that was created not only from our ideas – but from our values. We do not use canned food except tomatoes and green beans – because many times their quality is superior, more consistent and safer than fresh.

We know that food, as simple as it is, has an impact on our daily lives. And we understand that serving and eating good food – with fresh, authentic, quality, healthy ingredients – is important to you – as it is to us.

Our menu conveniently fits authentic, quality food into your busy life. So you can feel good about what you eat and what you serve your family and friends. You create your own meal by choosing  what you want to eat each day. And you get it at a fair price.

We have everything ready for you so that when you arrive, you’ll be sitting down eating within 3-5 minutes.

Why Dixie Kwik?

Because you can get a wholesome, scratch-made meal quickly – and still have time to eat even if you are on your lunch hour. It’s Dixie food served up quick.

At Dixie Kwik, we are restaurant innovators. We know that you don’t have time to shop for quality ingredients, prepare meals from scratch and deal with a kitchen full of dirty dishes. That’s where we saw an opportunity – an opportunity to fit real food into real lives. We serve real food, quality food.

So, even though we are only open until 3 pm, we created our RediKwik Market so that you’ll be able to share the goodness with your family, friends and neighbors. The Market features meats, wet salads, casseroles, and desserts so that you can grab a favorite food to take with you. All items sold in the Market are made fresh, in our kitchen, each day or made for us by a third party to our specifications.

So – let’s recap:

  • Fresh, scratch-made food
  • Served up within 3-5 minutes of arrival
  • Meats, side items and more available in The Market
  • No canned foods, except tomatoes and green beans
  • Friendly, courteous, respectful staff

Quality. Fresh. Quick.