Ted Duboise
Ted Duboise, Founder, Dixie Kwik

Ted Duboise, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ted has been an honest businessman for 42 years. He was self-employed for eight years. He went to work in the restaurant industry in March, 1982 and has spent 34 years in various management positions with nationally known and nationally acclaimed restaurant companies. He has extensive experience in day-to-day operations and opening new restaurants.

Ted has been a Managing Partner and General Manager of several restaurants and was, for six years, a District Manager. His experience with Italian food came when he was the Sr. Kitchen Manager of two extremely high volume Italian restaurants.

My Values as a Leader

  1. Integrity
  2. People
  3. Standards
  4. Processes

Remember: Right is right – even if no one is doing it. Wrong is wrong – even if everyone is doing it.!