We’re in the People Business, People!

People are our most important and most crucial asset! This is not just a “saying”. This is our operating tenet! Our moral precept!

We depend on people to work in our business. We depend on people to supply our business. We depend on people to buy our food.

Simply put: We depend on people.


It is our belief that if you have a happy employee, you’ll have a happy customer. Happy customers pays the bills. So we strive to ensure that our employees are the happiest that we can achieve.

Let me put it this way. In our business, if we have an unhappy customer, we will stop immediately to correct the situation. We take that same approach to our employees. When he/she has a problem, we stop immediately to correct the situation.

Also, to keep our employees happy, we have an incentive reward program that is typically unheard of the restaurant industry. We know that employees like to hear “praise” and “thank you” when a job is well done. But the staff also likes monetary rewards. So we have developed our monetary incentive reward program that we call our Profit Sharing Pool. All employees share in the pool each month.


As stated above, customers pay the bills. So we do all in our power to make sure each customer receives quality food, at a fair price, served as quickly as possible. Our service goal is three minutes. When a customer arrives, they will have their order within three minutes.


We treat our vendors and suppliers as part of our team. When we place an order with them, we do it in the manner they request and as efficiently as possible. When they arrive to deliver our order, we accept the order as quickly as possible so as not to interrupt their day.


Our shareholders gave us their support and they put their trust in us to yield a return on their investment. We do that by working diligently every day to ensure our processes, standards, and procedures are followed precisely. They believed in our operating methods is why they supported us. So we do what we said that we’d do.

See our Mission Statement and Code of Conduct